Pulmonary Rehab

NJ pulmonary rehabWhen dealing with chronic breathing disorders like COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, or a recent lung surgery, the Pulmonary Rehab Program at Emerson is designed to help manage and improve respiratory complications.  each patient on this program is screened by our pulmonary consultants, respiratory therapists, and a leading pulmonologist.  Along with our nursing team, these specialists create a comprehensive and individualized care plan designed to progress and strengthen the patient’s pulmonary functions.

Our interdisciplinary team will work closely with our patients and families to educate them on breathing strategies, energy conservation techniques, exercise regimens, education on lung disease, as well as nutritional and psychological counseling.  The goal Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center is not solely to get our patients home safely, but to ensure that they continue to thrive in their home environment.