Testimonials for Emerson Health and Rehab

Please read a sampling of some of the praise that we’ve received from the family, patients, and residents of Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center.

To whom it may concern:

My family and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the staff on 2-North. My mother was a resident of your facility for a little over five years. In that time she received the most excellent care from your staff. They were caring, patient and attentive, always going the extra steps to keep her happy, clean and comfortable. Her aides were top notch. The night my mother admitted was a very difficult time for me. Your staff not only made my mom comfortable but took the time to comfort me and take some of that awful guilt away that comes with such a difficult decision. Mom passed peacefully. As I sat with her in her last days, once again your staff was there for both of us both. They could not have been more kind or accommodating.

I will recommend your facility to anyone that finds themselves in the same situation that my family and I found ourselves. I will be forever grateful to your staff. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Most Sincerely,
LQ and family

September 28, 2017

Dear Emerson Health Care Staff,

Our family would like to thank you for the care you gave our mother while she was a resident of Emerson Health Care.

The job the staff does every day is extremely challenging. We would like to commend your organization for putting together a staff that did a fabulous job. The people who work in 2 South, from the nurses to the aides and everyone else treated our mother with kindness and respect. Mom talked about the night staff, which I never met but she spoke very highly about. Everyone in 2 South should be commended. They are a credit to the health care profession and to the Company.

My mother was not an easy person to take care of. Her constant pushing of the nurse’s button, calling the front desk created some trying times for the staff. But they handled it in a very courteous and professional matter and for that we are grateful.

Thank you again for taking care of our mother.

August 28, 2017

This is a heartfelt thank you to all the Physical therapists, Occupational therapists and Speech therapists who brought me back to something like the real me, when I didn’t think it was possible.

Thank you and God bless you all. I start at Kessler outpatient next week but it won’t be near as good. You guys are THE BEST.

I love you all!

Dear Ms. Hollander,  Ms. Prager, Ms. Santiago:

My husband and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful care that the staff at Emerson provided my uncle during his three and a half year stay. We also want to thank you for the continued care that my aunt continues to get.

Many at Emerson know that my aunt and uncle had been married for 67 years. When it was time for my uncle to enter hospice care, my concern was that both be kept as peacefully as possible during his final phase of life. The staff was kind and compassionate. They found ways to help them both to the best of their ability, and always kept my husband and I well informed of any new developments. The head nurse was and continues to be very supportive; she is knowledgeable, but most importantly, she is kind. The 2 North nurses were always ready to allay our worries and give hugs anytime they knew I needed one.

So many employees, who care for residents in various ways at Two North have been kind to us. This includes head of housekeeping, who continuously shows incredible kindness and support has become my aunts “granddaughter.”

The business office manager is always ready to answer questions and help us with any issues that may arise.

The dietician, social worker and many others have contributed to their wellbeing.

Please know that we will always be grateful for the kindness and quality of care that you provide.

Yours truly,
LVD 5/31/2017

Dear Kathleen,

I wanted to take a moment and send you a note regarding the high quality of care I received while at Emerson Healthcare Center.

Despite the fact that I was only there for a short period of time, the care I received was paramount to most any facility I have been in over the past 25 years of my chronic illness. Simply put, I have never felt such kindness, empathy, caring and understanding from staff members, like the Emerson staff.

(Please note: My level of pain upon admission, was due to my nerve-endings being “exposed and raw” following myelin sheath damage from “Radial Palsy”, in my right arm. Secondly, severe peripheral neuropathy in both legs (that is usually controlled fairly well with my intrathecal pump), was pretty intense on admission, since the pump was not functioning at full capacity. After surgery it takes a few days to achieve this, so my pain was only partially relieved by the pump. Sometimes it can takes months, ergo the reason for your rehab facility admission.)

On Saturday afternoon, when my pumps’ function was improving, I was finally obtaining more relief in my legs. My right arm remained (and still remains) a very painful problem. As a result, I am receiving P.T. and O.T. at home. However, the nurses and aides that cared for me throughout my stay, employed all types of comfort measures at any hour of the day or night, including; repositioning in the bed, rearranging of pillows, extreme care when assisting me to the wheelchair for bathroom privileges, moving me up in the bed whenever I’d slide, raise and lower the head of the bed, and anything else they could think of, or I would ask for, attempting to gain some relief. Every action, look and touch, reinforced each of their incredible sense of compassion to provide the best possible care for me, and I’m sure, any patient that cross their paths. As a result, within a few hours of admission, I felt at ease and knew I was in good hands.

I have to add that as great as the nurses were, and definitely were, with their attentiveness, and medication relief without long waiting times, I have never, ever had such wonderful aides with all the above attributes. Honestly, I’m usually waiting, and waiting to try for a bedpan.

I’ll end with a simply thank you and ask that you share with the staff in whichever area of your facility I was being cared for and the Director of Nursing.

Most Gratefully,

KN 05/15/2017

Dear Ms. Hollander,

My aunt is in your facility and I want to recognize some exemplary employees.

Lori, Stephen, Stan, Nicole, Nancy, Lori and most importantly the nurses. Their compassion and support does not go unnoticed. The nurse is professional, knowledgeable and is wonderful at communicating to myself any issues with my aunt’s healthcare. Our family is going to recognize the staff by sending some pastries to the staff.

There have been some issues along the way such as, missing clothes and incorrect meals but the staff has immediately corrected the problems. On behalf of myself and our family we would like to thank everyone for their help in caring for my aunt.


Dear Marta,

My mother spent the last 5 years of her life at Emerson Health Care. I wanted to thank you and your staff for making those years so good. The kindness, love and attention given to her by your staff is to be commended. I want to note a special thanks to some key people who treated my mom like she was part of their family. This includes her daytime nurse, who was her nurse for 5 years, her daytime aid, her nighttime nurse and night time aid (someone who made my mother happy each afternoon). They help make our world a better place. And the 1st floor dining room server always made sure my mother received a good meal.

During my daily visits to Emerson, I was always impressed by the homey yet professional manner in which your facility was run. It is clear to see how you have earned 5 star ratings for so many years.


Dear Ms. Santiago,

I wanted to let you know how pleased and grateful my family is for the wonderful care my mother got in your facility. She came such a long way in the weeks she was with you after her fall and is now back in her home reclaiming her independence.

An especial thank you goes to the social worker. He always called me back in a timely manner when I called him, he was upbeat and honest and in general an amazing asset to me as decisions had to be met that I needed guidance with. He is an amazing social worker and such a caring and knowledgeable asset to your staff.

Other wonderful employees were the 1st floor North nurses. Fabulous, caring women who obviously love their profession.

Again, thank you and your staff.


We would like to thank and praise all the staff here at Emerson Rehab. Our Mother was always treated with respect, kindness, and loving care. She was always talked to and comforted. We would like to give extra praise for her main nurse Christina and all of her aides who always showed her “extra love like family does”. TG – March 22, 2015

  My wife and I were very satisfied with the nursing care at your facility, and would return again if needed.    We were very happy with the care shown by your entire staff. People at your facility really care for those they assist on a daily basis. Whenever I approached someone on your staff with a question or critical comment, there was a true sense of urgency to resolve the matter. You work under tremendous stress, and you deal with matters of life or death, but in the middle of it all, you show great compassion, and we thank you for that! May God bless you all for what you have done to improve the life of our dear friend. EG – January 15, 2015

I cannot say enough about the wonderful care I received at Emerson Health and Rehab Center. From the first, I was greeted warmly and professionally. Everyone I dealt with, from the administration, nurses, aides and doctors were excellent. The care and quality of services I received led me to make the progress so quickly. Everyone was always very professional, but also warm and friendly. I felt “at home” here!!!CM, July 23, 2014

Dear Mrs. Hollander,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff of the Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center from the bottom of my heart for the excellent care extended to my mother, MG. The devotion and comfort offered to her was remarkable. She was never neglected or without all the necessary care needed during her time with you. My mother was a vibrant woman who was full of life. She loved going out to dinner with her sister, both dressed in the latest fashions. Just mention Atlantic City to her and she was the first in line for the trip! You helped to maintain her dignity until the end and I will be forever grateful to all of you. I also want to thank you for making sure I was comfortable during my daily visits. Once again, my sincere thanks for treating us as a special family. I would have never gotten through this year if it wasn’t for Shainy, she was my rock and my friend. The compassion she has for all her residents is beyond anything I ever expected. My mother would have wanted me to say a special thank you from her. MG, July 1, 2014

Dear Mrs. Hollander,

We wanted to let you know how happy we were with the care our father, ZP received while he was at Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center by two people in particular: Nurse Stephanie and Nurse Shiny. Their compassion, kindness, and patience were extraordinary. They treated him with love and respect. We so appreciate the joy both Stephanie and Shiny brought Dad in the final chapter of his life. We will always be in their debt. We are also very pleased with the care our mother, EP is now receiving in particular from 3 people in particular: Nurse Chris, Nurse Debbie and Aide Jennifer. They are extremely caring, gentle, kind, and patient with Mom. These people are truly exceptional! The fact that Mom is happy at Emerson speaks volumes. We really appreciate the awesome dedication of the people mentioned above; they have become part of our family.
CH, RK, and GP

I wanted to let everyone know how very pleased we are with the excellent care my mother MR received during her recent stay at Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center. I didn’t think it was possible to improve on excellence. First, thank you to for all your help. I specifically wanted to thank Stephen Liguori; I am very grateful for his expertise, guidance and assistance. Once again, he was extremely helpful with facilitating a smooth admission experience and meeting our needs.

It was also wonderful to see so many familiar faces, and how very kind it was for so many of the staff who remembered my mom to stop by her room and say hello. Theresa from dietary was especially kind, as well as all the CNAs. Nurse Karen Kelly was especially helpful and always addressed my questions and concerns with patience and professionalism. The entire nursing staff was extremely responsive, supportive, and provided excellent care. I always had a peace of mind in the knowledge that my mother was being well taken care of and was being treated at all times with the utmost compassion, dignity, and respect.

The physical therapy department also did a wonderful job with mom’s rehab. Our home care PT has commented on how much strength my mother regained.

The dietary staff is also to be complimented. The food was at all times deliciously prepared and served. Eating well and enjoying your meals is an integral part of healing and it made a huge difference in my mom’s recovery and rehab.

Once again, I can honestly say that the care provided far exceeded my expectations! Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center more than lived up to the promise in your mission statement, “to serve our residents and families with kindness, love, and professionalism, while maintaining the highest standard of medical quality.” I would confidently recommend Emerson Health and Rehab Center to anyone considering admission.

Thank you again for everything!

PA, April 25, 2014

I am so glad we chose Emerson H.C. facility for my rehab. It was everything I hoped it would be and I certainly will tell everyone about my great stay here! Both Rosa and Adriana gave me excellent care and help from my first day here. Vanessa took excellent care of all my needs and gave me support when I felt down. Sharon was very helpful to me when I had my sling and brace from my broken shoulder. She fixed my bed at night so i would be comfortable. The whole PT group have been very helpful and patient with me. I am thankful I had them to help!

Thank you again E.H.C for your support and help!

CG, April 2014

Dear Ms. Oddo

THANK YOU, and especially your staff, for the wonderful feeding, care, and attention, over so many of these years, which they provided to my older brother WZ. Your staff made it possible for him to live in peace, comfort, and well fed and medicated, for such a long period of time while he was a resident at Emerson.

I would be remiss if I did not single out one person in particular at your nurses’ station south, KK. She was always so attentive to W’s every needs, and the details of his status, and would always keep us informed of whatever the situation would require. We never encountered unexpected situations or unfortunate news coming out of the blue.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Yours truly,

OZ, December 18, 2013

Dear Ms. Santiago and Ms. Hollander,

As Thanksgiving approached and we take special notice of the things for which we are grateful, the care my mother has received from the staff at Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center would not be higher on the list.

My mother was experiencing continued weight loss to the point of threatening her life. I was kept informed of the problem as it approached, and through its resolution, by the nursing team that attended to my mother. Although I live in another state, through conference calls the team kept me informed of my mothers’ condition, her medication, her mood, and her response to treatment.

It was comforting to hear that my mother’s been out of her room so frequently and participating in so many activities. She’s always been a social person and I’m sure that interacting with others has helped her mood. The dietary staff has made sure that my mother’s been able to have food that’s been nutritious and appetizing enough to enable her to regain her lost weight. And save her life!

The nursing staff has been outstanding. They are most knowledgeable about my mother’s condition. Even with so many other responsibilities, on the occasions that we needed to discuss some aspect of my mother’s care. They gave their full unhurried attention to my mother.

I am thankful for the care my mother has received from all of the excellent staff at Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving (I’ll be joining my mother for dinner)

R D-C, November 22, 2013

Dear Ms. Santiago,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my and my sister’s appreciation to your entire staff for the treatment of our father, Mr. R. From my first telephone call to your Admissions Director, Stephen Liguori, he immediately put my mind at ease. For the almost 2 months that my father was in your facility, every single person from the cleaning staff to the supervisor of nursing was always courteous to us and answered any questions we had any time of day. If my father’s nurse was busy, we would always receive a return call. And I would like to say a special thank you to Christina who kept us advised of my father’s wound care (all the nurses did a fabulous job) and would always try to be there when the doctor came because we could not rely on my father’s memory to tell us what the doctor said.

We had an extremely awful experience with a prior rehab facility earlier in the year so I was apprehensive when the social worker at the hospital advised us that it was necessary for him to go to rehab. I was quickly put at ease with your competent staff. You are extremely fortunate to have a group of dedicated, efficient, kind and caring employees and we will recommend Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center to anyone in the future who may require assistance.
J and C, July 31, 2012

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank everyone at Emerson for taking such good care of both my mother and father. Words cannot express how grateful we were for the help and support we received during five of the most difficult months of our lives. We were truly lucky to find such a caring institution.

The nurses and support staff in the north wing were outstanding, and we especially want to thank Christina and Katrina for their gentle and attentive care and for always being available to answer our questions and telephone calls. The physical therapy staff was terrific and worked very hard to get my father back on his feet. We also appreciate how hard the kitchen staff worked to meet my dad’s dietary needs.

The administration staff was also very supportive, and we will forever be grateful for being able to hold a last Passover Seder for my parents in the dining room and the reception following my mother’s funeral in the Media Room. Emerson truly puts the needs of its residents and families first, and I sincerely doubt we would have received the same support from a chain-owned nursing facility.

Michelle, we owe you a great deal of thanks for your unwavering help and guidance through my father’s rehabilitation and my mother’s death. Through tears and many painful decisions, you gave us sound advice and warm caring hugs. You helped guide us through a bewildering maze of choices that no family can ever be truly prepared to face. What I learned from you, however, is helping me now as my father settles into his assisted living home. The transition is going very well, and please tell everyone that my father seems very happy in his new environment.

On a more personal note, I cannot tell you how much it meant to my family and me to know that my mother was not alone when she died. Lynn, the aide that stayed with her until the end, was an angel for being there until my mother passed away.

Emerson is a credit to the health care community, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to other families.

Mr. and Mrs. O, June 14, 2012

To all at Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center,

You all are the very best at what you do. We could not have asked for a better group of people to take care of our loved one. If ever there is a need you will be the first one we call. Thank you all!
Mr. C, June 8, 2012

Dear Emerson HCC,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff at Emerson for taking such good care of my father, H. Thanks to all, especially Christina, Melissa, Michelle, Janet, Anita, Eileen – and all the other administrative, nursing, and rehabilitation staff (my father just loved Christina and appreciated her love and attention). My family and I are so grateful for the excellent care he received at your facility.

Thank you again.

May 17, 2012