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Deficiency-Free for Five Consecutive Years!

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Written by Richard Martinez

Emerson is proud to be the only subacute rehabilitation center in Bergen County to post 0 health deficiencies for 5 consecutive years! Being deficiency-free takes a collaborative team approach to care, a consistent nursing team with little to no turnover, and a high staff-to-patient ratio.

Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center has been CMS 5-Star Rated and Deficiency Free since 2012. When choosing a subacute rehabilitation center, be sure to check and go a step above 5-Star. Choose a Deficiency Free 5-Star Center like Emerson!

What does it mean to be deficiency free?

When a center receives a deficiency-free state survey, it means you or your loved one can expect the highest level of care in an optimum environment, which is important when choosing short term rehab or long term care. It means that, during a center’s most recent state inspection, surveyors found zero deficiencies in care, services, or the environment.

deficiency free NJ nursing home
Deficiency-free NJ nursing home

Receiving a deficiency-free rating as a result of the state’s rigorous examination is one of the top indicators of excellence, and is the best score a skilled nursing or assisted living facility can receive. It is merit achieved by only a small number of providers.

Inspections are conducted by the State’s Department of Health Services in accordance with strict guidelines administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. These surveys are conducted on a no-notice basis and evaluate areas including policies and procedures, resident care, quality of care and quality of life, medication administration, medical records, kitchen sanitation, staff competencies, dietary needs, equipment, safety, and overall wellness of the community. Surveyors arrive unannounced and, over a period of several days, observe care and procedures and check records for compliance to regulations on care, confidentiality, cleanliness, resident rights, and quality of services. The survey process also includes interviews with residents, residents’ family members, and center employees.

Receiving a deficiency-free is an impressive accomplishment for any nursing home. It means that ALL services provided at a center meet or exceed ALL state and federal standards. It is a distinguished rating that takes an entire team’s effort to achieve. We are incredibly proud of the staff at all our centers that have received this outstanding result!