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Our Monthly ‘Breakfast Club’ is a Hit!

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Written by Richard Martinez

Join us for a special breakfast and social gathering

Once each month, our Dining Department, headed by director Eydie Hillringhouse, and the Activities Department under director Dolores Nieves, hold a special breakfast and social gathering featuring live entertainment. This monthly Breakfast Club event is for both our long-term residents and short-term rehabilitation patients. We believe that activities such as this encourages social engagement and are particularly important to those who are here strictly for rehabilitation and need to eventually return and readapt to their respective independent environments.

The Dining and Activities departments together work with our Nursing Supervisors to identify those patients who would especially benefit from joining the Breakfast Club and other similar events, and we then strongly encourage them to attend. These events are equally important to the mental and emotional well-being of our long-term residents, and we find that they look forward to them and enthusiastically participate.

At Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center, we feel that our patients’ and residents’ progress and welfare benefit from a positive social environment. We integrate these activities as part of the holistic approach that we take for the welfare of those who are under our care.