eclipse watching at Emerson Health Care

April 2024 Events

The month of April 2024 was a busy one at Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center. Among our many events, we had a visit from Girl Scout Troop 97491 and our annual Spring Social took place. We also had a solar eclipse watch for our interested residents.

Girl Scout Cookie Season

What better way to bring the community in than welcoming one of Bergen County’s Girl Scout Troops to Emerson Health to sell Girl Scout Cookies? The residents even had a Girl Scout Cookie tasting a week before, so they knew exactly what cookies they would want to buy. The event also brought back memories of being a Girl Scout and/or a Girl Scout leader for their daughter(s).

March Madness

Congratulations to Toni from 1 South and Judith from 2 North, who were the winners of our 2nd annual March Madness Free Throw Competition. Residents and staff enjoyed shooting hoops and drinking Gatorade.

Spring Social

Good music and Spring crudités provided by our top-notch Food Services Department helped residents, visitors, and staff celebrate the first day of spring at Emerson Health’s Spring Social. Everyone agreed that they are looking forward to nicer weather and getting outside!

Ash Wednesday

Resident Father Graziano Celebrated Easter Mass For the second year, Father Graziano, a resident at Emerson Health since March 2022, made sure the facility had a blessed Lent. From Ash Wednesday, where he administered ashes to residents, families, and employees to him offering to celebrate Easter Mass once again. Father “Graz” took care of all the details for Easter Mass, asking friends to help. The room was packed for the service with residents and their visitors. The Mass was followed by a beautiful Easter Luncheon, Entertainment, and an Easter Social.

Total Solar Eclipse 2024

The historic near-total solar eclipse has come and gone, with the moon taking its last bite of the sun around 4:30 p.m. North Jersey wasn’t in the path for the best view in the country, but the residents, visitors and staff of Emerson Health still got an awe-inspiring sky show.

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